Vote in Warsaw for local city activists!
fot. Rafał Nowak


„City is Ours – City Movements electoral list” (KWW Miasto Jest Nasze – Ruchy Miejskie) is an independent, progressive citizen platform and a coalition of 12 local grass-root movements representing 16 districts of Warsaw. We are not affiliated with any political party.


We want to live in a walkable, green, friendly, clean, tolerant, healthy and people-oriented city of Warsaw. We are progressive activists who share a „cityology” not an ideology. We run in the municipal elections to overthrow the corrupted political parties which do not care for Warsaw, but follow their political agenda.


  1. Open, tolerant and friendly European city attracting talented people from the whole world.
  2. More greenery! Less concrete and asphalt!
    • We will protect green spaces
    • We will not allow cutting down trees
    • We will map all trees in Warsaw
    • We will plant trees
  3. Priority for public transportation. Less cars.
  4. We want to breathe! We will fight air pollution, because Warsaw’s smog is a serious health risk.
    • We will limit car inflow to Warsaw
    • We will create an efficient financial support programme to change coal and wood-powered stoves into gas and central heating system
    • We will develop central heating system
    • We will fight trash-burning etc.
  5. Wisła / Vistula river programme
    • open swimming pools
    • clean river beaches
    • more trash bins
    • clean Wisła patrols
    • public toilets
    • protection of wild river-bank of Vistula
  6. Cycling Warsaw
    • new cycle paths
    • more parking space for bikes
    • if Copenhagen and Amsterdam can, why can’t Warsaw?
  7.  Housing
    • more affordable housing to rent for students and modest families
    • quality and planned urban planning – no more blocks in corn fields
    • new construction projects of the city public and social housing. We will break developers’ monopoly.
  8.  Education
    • public, affordable and available child care facilities.
    • public schools available and friendly for children of foreigners
    • integration programme for immigrant children
    • subsidised Polish language courses for all residents of Warsaw

(EU citizens)


Justyna Glusman graduated from  the Warsaw School of Economics and the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she completed her PhD in the field of political economy. She has experience in working for the local government, public administration, as well as for the private sector. In 2012, she took part in the Presidential Experts’ Program dedicated for young scientists in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland. She teaches city management and urban policy at the Warsaw School of Economics  post-graduate studies. Her husband was born in Argentina, they live in Ochota district with their three daughters..

„Warsaw is my city, Warsaw is my place on earth. I spent my childhood in Śródmieście (city centre) and I have lived for 14 years in Ochota district. My priorities for Warsaw are: rational and transparent management of the city hall, care for the green spaces and parks, quality of life and quality public services, improvement of the public transport and better spatial planning.”